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Emerilware All Clad Nonstick Cookware Review

In this review we are going to be checking out the Emeril All Clad Cookware Set. The partnership between Emeril and All Clad to create his own set of cookware has seen some positive results over the years, and this 12 piece set is what we are going to put to the test today. Is it worthy of the All Clad name? Read on to find out more.

Product Features:
Chef Emeril is quite famous in America, and in recent years decided to design his own range of cookware. All Clad is one of the top rated cookware sets you can buy today, so a partnership between these two seems quite fitting. All Clad make a range of premium cookware, and this particular set is designed to provide great results with maximum bang for buck.
Now you might be wondering what the difference is between the normal All Clad nonstick set, and the Emiril All Clad set. The difference is that the All Clad set is a triple ply set. This means that the All Clad set consists of three layers in total with a layer of pure aluminum in the middle. The Emeril set is made out of solid aluminum and coated with a nonstick coating. This is why the Emeril set is so much cheaper, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We have a feeling that All Clad wouldn’t put their name on something they didn’t fully believe in, so hopefully this cookware provides some good results.

Now lets have a look at the cookware set itself. The pot and pans have a matt black coating which looks very modern and elegant. The handles are made out of stainless steel, and are riveted on so there is no sign of movement between the handle and the pans. The handles are ergonomically designed, so they feel very comfortable and easy to work with. The Emeril logo has been lasered between the rivets on the handle of the pans, and on the top of the handle of the pots. It certainly gives off a very stylish appearance, and gives the whole set a nice personal touch. The glass lids have a stainless steel base, and the handles on top are also stainless steel. The contrast between the shiny metal and the matt black looks really great, so points go to Emeril and All Clad for designing such a nice looking cookware set.

The cookware set consists of 7 main pieces and 5 lids. These include the 8″ pan, 10″ pan, 1 quart sauce pan, 3 quart saucepan, a 3 quart casserole dish, a 6 quart stockpot and the 3 quart stainless steel steamer insert. The only item that doesn’t come with a lid is the 8″ pan. This cookware set has a number of features to it. The first main feature is the nonstick coating. This particular coating is PFOA free and Cadmium free, so it is definitely safe compared to some of the dirt cheap nonstick cookware sets you can buy. This coating is not quite as durable as some of the titanium ceramic nonstick coatings on the market, therefore it must be treated like any other nonstick coating. This means you should not use metal utensils with it, and it should not be used in the dishwasher either. A good feature about this set is that it is oven safe up until a point. The glass lids can tolerate heats up to 350F, while the rest of the cookware can be used up to 450F temperatures. We should also mention that the handles of this set are billed as “stay cool” handles, and they remained cool during normal stove top use for use. This cookware set is not induction compatible, and will only work on ceramic, gas and electric stoves.

We know that this set is not exactly the same as the hard anodized All Clad set, so how does it actually perform? To test this out we started by testing out the 8″ pan with a couple of popular dishes. A fried egg was out first test, and so we cracked open an egg and chucked it in the pan. We used a tiny bit of olive oil to season the pan first, and the egg itself slid about as you would expect. The cooking surface is very slippery, and the temperature seemed to be very even. The egg itself only took a minute or two to cook, but it came out great and there was no sign of any stickiness on the coating. A quick wipe with a towel, and the pan was looking like we hadn’t even used it.
Sticking with the eggs, we decided to try some scrambled eggs as those have a bit more chance of sticking in the pan and creating a mess. We used the same pan without any addition of oil, and spread our mix around the pan. Using a plastic spatula, we smothered the egg around to see if any of it would stick on the pan. The good news is that none of it did, and the egg cooked fairly quickly and evenly. A few hours later we decided to test out the saucepan to make a batch of pasta sauce. Like the eggs, this turned out very well. The pasta sauce was certainly a bit more messy than the eggs, but a bit of soapy water was all that was needed to get the bulk of the remaining sauce out of the pot.
In the course of the last month we have given this cookware set a good run for its money, and the results have all been positive. The nonstick coating seems to be holding up great, and has shown no sign of any deterioration. It may be lacking some features that the top of the range cookware sets have, but for a good quality set it certainly does what it claims to do.  The Emeril All Clad 12 piece set comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so this is fantastic value for money since the entire set retails for under $250.


  • Looks like a premium cookware set
  • Ergonomic and “Stay cool” handles
  • Oven safe (up to a point)
  • Easy to clean
  • Even heat distribution, and nonstick performs well
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Great price


  • Can’t be used on induction stoves

We were very impressed with this set from Emerilware. Initially we were a bit worried since All Clad had deviated from their traditional design in making this set, but it seems like they knew exactly what they were doing. The cookware set is fantastic, and is really great value for money. You can see the latest price on Amazon over here.

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