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Which Scanpan Cookware Is Induction Compatible?

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In recent years, the many advantages of cooking with an induction stove have become apparent, such as the safety features, as well as all the savings your make in the long term. It seems like most manufacturers are investing heavily into induction stoves as this seems to be the future of cooking, but the disadvantage is you must have cookware which works with it.
This has raised the question of which cookware is compatible with these types of stoves. Scanpan is without a doubt one of the biggest and most respected cookware manufacturers in the world, so many people are wanting to know which of their product lines will work on inductions stoves.
In most cases all of their cookware lines from 2001 onwards are induction compatible, but we will list those ones below so you can know exactly what to look for when you are shopping. Scanpan have released a range of cookware called the IQ Range designed at specifically working with induction stoves, but that doesn’t mean their other cookware isn’t induction friendly.

Induction Compatible:

  • CSX Range
  • CTX Range
  • Fusion 5
  • Impact
  • IQ Range

NOT Induction Compatible:

  • Classic Range
  • Professional Range
  • Maitre D Range

So there you have it. The only Scanpan induction friendly we have reviewed is the fantastic Scanpan CTX set, and you can read that review over here.