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Wearever Cookware Review

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Today we are going to be looking at a ceramic cookware set – the WearEver C944SA64 Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Set. This is a 10 piece cookware set which is quite affordable, and aims to be long lasting and durable. But how well does it fare against the competition? Keep reading to find out more.

Product Features:
Wearever is one of the oldest manufacturers of cookware in the world, as they were the first company to introduce aluminum cookware all the back in 1903. This revolutionized the cooking industry, as prior to that heavy cast iron cookware was the only option. Since then they have introduced a range of other popular cooking advancements, so it seems only fair that we take a look at one of their most popular products currently available.
The Pureliving Cookware set is comprised of 10 pieces – the 8″ and 10.5″ pans, the 3 quart, 3.5 quart and 5 quart dutch oven, and two nylon utensils. The pots all come with glass lids, and each lid has a stainless steel handle which is covered in silicone. The pots and pans have stainless steel riveted handles, which also feature the stay cool silicone handles. The silicone handles means this entire set is oven friendly, and you can use it in temperatures up to 350F. This particular set comes in two color schemes, the red and the gold (pictured to the left). The gold is certainly our favorite, as it looks really elegant and stylish.
There are some nice little details in this set which help to make it stand out. The base of the unit has the Wearever logo in the center, which several “W” letters facing outwards. This nice bit of detail really shows that some care has gone into the look at design of this set.

This set is a aluminum set, which has been ceramic coated. As such, this means it is not induction compatible. The ceramic coating is white, and claims to be very durable and strong. Due to this the set is supposedly dishwasher safe, but the warranty specifically states that any damage from a dishwasher is not covered so keep this in mind. The white coating allows you to see how dirty the cookware is, which in our eyes makes cleaning it a little easier.  There is no mention of whether you can use metal utensils with this cookware set, so it is probably best if you avoid them to prolong the life of this set.
The ceramic coating means that these are Wearever pots and pans non toxic, and the cookware set is free of both pfoa and ptfe chemicals. Now lets move onto the performance of the cookware.

To begin with we began by testing out the pans. In the larger pan we decided to cook some fish, while in the smaller pan we prepared a cheese and parsley sauce. Both pans heated up fairly quickly, and the heat felt evenly distributed. We used a little olive oil to lubricate the pans, and there was no real sign of the fish sticking in place. Once we had finished cooking our dishes, we left them to cool off before we washed them. The fish tasted great, and the sauce was pretty decent. The large pan wiped clean fairly easily, and the smaller pan needed a little water to help remove all the sauce residue. The sauce wasn’t necessarily caked on, but the water did help to loosen it enough to remove it easily.
The next day we tried some eggs and bacon. Again the food cooked nicely and evenly, and cleaning up was no real challenge at all.

We then moved onto testing the bigger pots and pans. We decided a meat stew would be a good means to put the pots to the test, so we began by searing our beef in the smaller pot. In the meantime we began preparing our stew in the dutch oven. After around 2 1/2 hours our homemade mix was more or less ready. Our taste test confirmed this, and we dished it out. The flavors were great, and the cookware had done a fine job with this particular mix. A five minute soak with hot soapy water was enough to remove the remaining stew, so cleaning up was no real hassle. The next day we tried our hands at making some pasta and sauce. The pasta sauce we made from scratch which took a bit of time, but it came out quite nicely in the end. We left the remaining bit of sauce in the pot, and once it had cooled down a little we were able to remove almost all of it with a paper towel. Again a little bit of water was enough to loosen up the rest of it, and we were quite pleased with how easy it was to clean.

So those were some of the basic tests we did with this cookware. All in all it did perform quite well, and we liked how easy it was to use and clean. The nonstick performance seemed to work well, and there were no signs of scratches on the coating after we had finished with it. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so that is another plus in our books. With a retail price of under $150, this certainly seems like a good quality affordable set which is worth a look.


  • Affordable
  • Great looking design
  • PFOA / PTFE Free
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Stay cool handles
  • Oven friendly


  • Not induction compatible

If you are looking for a affordable ceramic coated cookware set, then the Wearever Cookware Set is a good choice. It is affordable, looks good, and is easy to clean. What more can you ask for in a cookware set? You can get more info on this set and read some of the many user reviews on the Amazon product page.

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