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PFOA Free Nonstick Cookware

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A while ago we wrote an article discussing some of the concerns about the safety of nonstick cookware, but we didn’t link to that many sets which were actually 100% safe to use. We believe we summed up the important issues fairly well in that previous article, so now we are going to be looking at some of the more popular sets which are 100%¬† safe to use. Most cookware sets you can currently buy are free from these harmful chemicals, but it doesn’t hurt to know which brands are genuinely safe to use.

Cookware Sets

In the other article we mentioned the Stonedine set, and the Flavorstone set, both of which are 100%  PFOA free.
Since then we have reviewed quite a few more popular PFOA free sets. The Scanpan CTX set is without a doubt the pick of the bunch. It is one of the best cookware sets you can buy, but obviously it comes at a price. The “Greentek” titanium ceramic coating is very strong, and you can even use metal utensils with this set. It may be a bit pricey for most people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find cheaper sets that are PFOA free. One such good choice is the Emerilware 12 Piece set. This ceramic nonstick cookware is made by All Clad, and has all the bits and pieces you need. It looks really great, and the performance was exceptional. The retail price is under $250, and the nonstick coating is 100% PFOA free. This is a fantastic choice for the price, and the lifetime warranty really helps to seal the deal.

Frying Pans

If you are only looking for a pan, or a frying pan set then there are some other popular options you can look at. If you are looking for a single pan, then the Le Creuset 3-Ply Pan is a excellent choice. This is a combination of stainless steel and nonstick cookware which works very well. The design is very eye catching, and the nonstick coating is very durable. It works on all types of stoves, including induction stoves, and it comes with a 10 year warranty. Another good choice is the Scanpan Professional Pan which is a little cheaper than the Le Creuset mentioned above. The Scanpan has a range of features, and is a premium grade pan. The looks are top notch, and so is the performance that comes with it. The Professional is oven safe up to 500F, and the titanium ceramic nonstick coating is the highlight of this pan. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, but it does not work on induction stoves.

Frying Pan Sets

If you are looking for a frying pan set, then there are two good ones to look out for. The Calphalon Unison Slide Pan Set is another quality choice, and this set consists of a 8″ and a 10″ pan. This is a great modern looking set, and the curved handles make working with the pans a breeze. This is a dishwasher friendly set, and the pans are oven safe up to 500F. These pans come with a limited lifetime warranty, so are a great choice if you are in the market for quality cookware.
Lastly we have the Ozeri Green Earth 3 Piece Pan Set. This is a bit of a cheaper set, and it comes with a 8″,10″ and 12″ pans. These are some really funky bright green pans, and they come with a unique honeycomb textured cooking surface. They are oven safe up to 480F, and the handles are nice and comfortable to work with. The “Greblon” nonstick coating works very well, and these pans work on induction stoves too.


So there you have it. Above are some of the good quality sets and pans we have reviewed recently, all of which are free of the harmful chemicals which are found in cheaper nonstick coatings. These should give you a good place to start the search for your ideal nonstick cookware pieces, and we can happily recommend all of the above products.